SunSeptic‘s exclusive septic line/tank coverage will cover the costly repairs associated with your septic tank, distribution box, and your leaching line.  Did you know the average repair on a septic system is over $3000? With our coverage, those repairs are no longer a problem, but our solution!! (Some exclusions apply)


SunSeptics Water-Soluble packet contains beneficial bacteria to help accelerate the breakdown and elimination of common household wastes such as cooking grease, vegetable oils, fruit & vegetable wastes, sugars, starches, proteins, human waste, toilet tissue, and hair. This formulation helps keep septic systems operating efficiently and helps prevent septic system back-ups

Safe And Biodegradable

SunSeptic   is environmentally-friendly, completely biodegradable and made with sustainable ingredients. It does not contain harmful, caustic chemicals, chlorine, phosphates, acids or petroleum-based ingredients. Our natural process does not generate heat or malodors while working, so there aren’t any harmful vapors. It has a neutral pH, so its gentle on your hands and skin. And like all of our products, it’s safe to use around pets and children.

Easy To Use

SunSeptic‘s  one Flush Septic Treatment is the most Powerful Septic Treatment Available.  Drop the Packet down the toilet to release billions of beneficial Bacteria that digest Septic Waste. One Flush prevents problems, restores your system, biodegrades pollutants before they enter the environment. Easy to use and store, just drop and flush. Each pre-measured pack contains 9.7 billion beneficial bacteria. It destroys toxic pollutants ordinary products can’t touch

The Health Of Your Septic System shall be our highest priority.

The Standards We Pursue

  • No Deductibles
  • Fully Transferable
  • Qualified Technicians Only – Licensed and qualified technicians will come to your home
  • Covered Repairs – Will repair or replace your septic system failures (limited to $5,000)